Breakfast Menu

All breakfasts are available at the time frame indicated.
Saturday-Sunday with some time frame flexibility.

6:30AM- 8:30AM (Self-service)

  • Selection of seasonal fruit (Oranges, Pears, Apples & Bananas, etc.)
  • Selection of cereals, juice, milk, yoga

7:30AM- 8:30AM (Monday-Friday)

Breakfasts are served with a choice of tea, coffee, or juice.

  • Toast topped with your choice of up to 3 toppings including bacon, beans, eggs (scrambled, boiled, or sunny-side up)
  • English breakfast including toast, bacon, baked beans & an egg (scrambled, boiled, or sunny-side up), half tomato, hash brown, baby sausage
  • Selection of pastry (croissant, pan cake, etc.)

Please let us know any food allergic and special requirement in advance. Thanks and Enjoy your meal....